Wooden wheel from 1910 antique fire truck phtograph in San Jose, Costa Rica

   Fire Truck World - Historical Fire-fighting Photography

   Fire Truck World is fully dedicated to the preservation of vintage fire equipment, centuries of fire-fighting history, and to the honorable firemen devoted to protecting the communities in which we live.


   Fire Truck World originated with a ten year 'Photographic bicycle expedition that initated in 1985.  This expedition traversed four continents, slowly pedaling thru more than 30 different countries, including numerous South Pacific and Caribbean Islands.


The Photography . . .

During a 10-year bicycling journey, it wasn't long before realizing that Fire Stations were a great source of information on where to sleep, to eat, what to see, and a friendly place to fill up empty water bottles. Many of these Fire Stations proudly owned aging fire equipment, much of it still on active duty, and unknowingly the origin of Fire Truck World had begun.

Now based in Costa Rica, those years of adventurous travel are well behind me.  The thrill of capturing a moment in time on film has never abaondoned me though.  However, those years of living on a shoestring have taught me how to appreciate the comforts of more recent travels. 


The desire to leave something behind in this World has been a main force in the creation of Fire Truck World, as is my commitment to expand FTW's image gallery, year by year.


Proudly, Fire Truck World's goal is to maintain an accurate account of fire-fighting history throughout the countless images found within this site.


FTW hopes to continue its growth in the years to come, offering the best representaion of antique Fire Equipment possible. 


Although the response so far has been limited, the public is invited to submit their own photos for publication with the aspiration of making this site as formidable as possible.  All submitted photos will be credited in their descriptions, to the person or organization who submitted the images.

Early 1900s Steamer Photograph 800a


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Fire Truck World is entirely dedicated to the preservation of antique fire-fighting equipment found around the world, and to the firemen who are devoted to protecting the communities in which we live.  Primarily as a reference site, Fire Truck World offers a concise look into the many facets of our long, distinguished, fire-fighting history.



Extremely proud of this collection, Fire Truck World is a non-profit website based in Costa Rica.






If you should have any questions or comments on any of the fire trucks displayed in this gallery, or are considering submitting a photo, please don't hesitate in contacting me.


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