Wooden wheel from 1910 antique fire truck phtograph in San Jose, Costa Rica

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Antique steering whell from a fire truck in argentina

It is Fire Truck World's constant goal to improve this forever growing collection of 'antique' fire apparatus photography.  We will continue seeking out 'vintage' fire trucks and fire fighting equipment to photograph, but that can be greatly improved upon with your assistance.  We invite and encourage visitors to this site who own photographs of 'classic' fire-fighting vehicles, to submit their images for the world to see and participate in preserving the history of fire-fighting through this collection of photographs and information.


All submitted images will be credited to the person, or organization, who submitted the image. This credit will be seen as part of the published "information' below each photograph.  Any information, or history provided, will be included in the publication as well.  Absolutely no photos in Fire Truck World are for sale.


Suggestions and simple requirements for submitting photographs:

    • Photographs should be a minimum of 750 pixels wide, or 750 pixels tall.

    • Highest resolution possible would be greatly appreciated.

    • Multiple images can be submitted for publication for a more complete representation of a vehicle.

    • Name of person, or organization, submitting photograph(s).  (Anonymous submissions will be accepted as well)

    • Please include any information, or known history of the vehicle if available.

    • Original owner of the photograph(s) has the right to 'un-publish' the image(s) at any time.


                                Please send all photographs toThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


    • Upon receiving photographs a confirmation will be sent to you.  Also, a notice will be sent once it has been published. 

    • Fire Truck World reserves the right to not publish any images that we feel do not meet this website's standards.


    • No images in Fire Truck World are for sale, without exception.

    • No profits will be generated by Fire Truck World from the use of this website. 

    • The use of this website for educational purposes is permitted and encouraged. 


            (It is recommended to submit only 1-3 images per email to facilitate uploading and downloading due to large file sizes).

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