Wooden wheel from 1910 antique fire truck phtograph in San Jose, Costa Rica

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Fire Truck World invites all visitors to contact us with any questions you may have concerning the many fire vehicles that are shown in this website.  We also invite you to send any additional information, or corrections, that you may be able to provide us about any particular fire engine that is published here in Fire Truck World.  It is our constant goal to be as accurate as possible with the identification and description of each and every fire-fighting vehicle featured in Fire Truck World.

 1930 seagrave fire engine



Fire Truck World also offers you the possibility to participate in this photographic history of fire-fighting by submitting photographs from your personal collection, helping Fire Truck World continue to be the most exciting and complete collection of fire truck images available anywhere.  All photographs will be credited to the person/organization submitting each image.  (No photographs in Fire Truck World are for sale, as this site is strictly informational and for personal reference and enjoyment only.) 


In tribute to the fire fighters around the world, we would be honored to include a photograph of your fire station.  Please check out the various firehouses in our "Fire Stations" section, and perhaps consider allowing us to add a photo of your fire station as well.


The 'For Sale by Owners' section in this website is dedicated to the sales of privately owned 'antique' fire vehicles. This completely free service provides valuable worldwide advertising, reaching the vast community of antique fire truck enthusiasts that visit Fire Truck World daily.    

1910 Knox photographed in Costa Rica


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