Wooden wheel from 1910 antique fire truck phtograph in San Jose, Costa Rica

  Fire Truck World - Antique Fire-fighting Equipment Photography

Antique Fire Truck Photography Around the World

  • 1911 American LaFrance Type 5
  • 1926 Chevrolet from Pucan, Chile
  • 1912 American LaFrance Steamer
  • 1855 Merryweather
  • Ca. 1937 Ford in Idaho
  • 1911 American LaFrance Roadster
  • 1926 American LaFrance Steering Wheel
  • 1928 Ahrens-Fox
  • 1940 American LaFrance 500 Series
  • 1920 American LaFrance Type 40 Combination
  • 1910 Knox
  • 1946 Mack
  • 1922 Leyland Ladder Truck
Preserving the History of Fire Trucks

Fire Truck World is dedicated to preserving the important history of firemen, fire engines, and fire-fighting equipment.  The public is invited to contribute to this history by submitting their private photographs of classic fire-fighting vehicles to be published in this website.  (All photographs will be credited to the original owner).  Our "For Sale" section is a free listing service for fire vehicles for sale by their owners. 

Antigue Fire Engine photographed in Chile, South America
Fire Truck World


This large collection of 'fire-fighting' images originated from an adventurous 10 year, 'photographic' bicycle expedition, pedaling across five continents, and numerous South Pacific and Caribbean islands.  The unique historical evolution of fire engines displayed here, in chronological order,  is a full decade devoted to searching for and visiting fire stations and museums around the world. 

Antique fire pump locatedin Christchurch, New Zealand Old hand pump fire vehicle from New Jersey in the USA photograph  Steam fire apparatus from Sydney, Australia  1913 fire truck from Buenos Aires, Argentina  1913 Hotchkiss fire engine from Auckland, New Zealand Early fire truck from the United States Antique fire vehicle from Lima, Peru1720 London Assurance Co.    1795 Philiip Mason          1898 Shand & Mason              1912 Merriweather                  1914 Hotchkiss                  1921 Ford Model T                  1928 Magirus
Model T Ford fire truck from Melbourne, Australia  antiqe Mack fire truck from Brisbane, Australia  Antique REO fire engine from Manila in the Philippines  Early International fire truck from California, USA  1940 Ford Fire engine from Bangkok, Thailand  1965 Internationl Ladder fire truck from Wellington, New Zealand  1969 Hahn Snorkel fire truck from Perth, Australia           1931 Dennis                        1934 Ford V8                         1939 Mack                            1947 Mack                              1951 Ford                             1965 FWD                      1975 Pierce Turntable            

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